The Nursery

The Las Vegas Hillbillies

  • Breed: Mystery Mix
  • Born: May 8, 2023
  • Number of puppies: 5
  • Date puppies go up for adoption: July 7, 2023 

Elly May, Jed, Jethro, Miss Jane and Mr. Drysdale were found under a porch when they were just days old.  They are currently in one of our loving foster homes with fat bellies full of milk.

The Butterflies

  • Breed: Mystery Mix
  • Born: April 19, 2023
  • Number of puppies: 7
  • Date puppies go up for adoption: June 16, 2023 

Monarch, Painted Lady, Duke of Burgundy, Holly Blue, Purple Emperor, Adelina and Phaedra were found in a box behind someone's home.  These little fluff balls are getting all the love and care in one of our wonderful foster homes.  There are three boys and four girls.

Ember & her pups

  • Breed: Shepherd
  • Born: April 28, 2023
  • Number of puppies:9
  • Date puppies go up for adoption: June 27, 2023 

Ember is one of our Owner Assist Momma’s. Her family wanted to have her spayed but before they were able to, she was pregnant. We will be taking care of Ember and her puppies until the puppies are weaned, then Ember will return to her family, spayed, while the puppies will stay with us to find forever homes.